circles of support and accountability



Circles of Support and Accountability (COSA) is the central component of our Restorative Reentry program. COSAs consist of small teams of 3 or more community volunteers, the Core Member (offender), and the Reentry Coordinator that meet for an hour each week for a period of one year to provide support and accountability for successful re-entry. The mission of a COSA is to enhance community safety and repair relationships by supporting Core Members to successfully rejoin the community and commit no further offenses. Each COSA is unique but the goals remain the same; no more crimes and no more victims. Community volunteers are instrumental to the success of COSA, and it is because of caring community members that we are able to work with and support people coming out of incarceration to ensure their reintegration is successful. We are always looking for caring and committed volunteers. 

To give someone the opportunity to start anew is always a good thing. Never give up on them, everyone is capable of success at some level.
— COSA Volunteer

“Coming Home”

a Documentary on COSA

Coming Home is a documentary film focused on five people returning back to their Vermont communities from prison. The film focuses on the innovative COSA program (Circle of Support and Accountability) that helps reintegrate folks back into their daily lives. The COSA program is run through Vermont’s Community Justice Centers and is part of the restorative justice model. The Barre CJC is seeking volunteers to sit on COSA teams in our community.

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Transitional Housing

Our Transitional Housing Program’s intent is to provide secure housing for men and women coming out of incarceration in a safe and sober living environment. Coupled with a place to live are weekly case management meetings which help connect our clients with appropriate service providers for health insurance, food assistance, substance abuse, mental health, workforce development and more.  Case management meetings also work on establishing attainable goals, identifying barriers to change and ways to overcome them, and developing a new way of living all with the intent to ensure a successful reentry, and path toward independence.