restorative justice programs


Restorative Justice Panels

When a crime happens the impact of the crime ripples out, to not only the direct victim, if there is one, but also to the community at large.  Restorative Justice Panels keep the effects of crime at the center of their work.  The panels are made up of community volunteers who meet with offenders and victims that were impacted by low level crimes to support victims, and provide offenders an opportunity to take responsibility for their actions and make things right.  The meeting is a chance for the victims experience to be shared, to have any questions they may have answered, and to give input as to how the harm caused could be repaired.   Offenders are asked to discuss the circumstances and impact of their crimes, and take actions to repair the harm they have caused. In addition, they have an opportunity to make a positive connection to the community and take steps to not commit future crimes.  This is the heart of community justice.

In volunteering at the BCJC, I feel like I’m making a deep connection with my neighbors and helping to strengthen the Barre community.
— Volunteer


Family Group Conferencing

We deliver restorative family group conferences (FGC’s) for youth who are delinquent or at risk of adjudication. A FGC brings together a child’s family, both immediate and extended (with the child) and the victim of the crime (if any), to share information about what happened, how it affected them and any challenges the youth is facing.  Together the family comes up with a plan, taking into consideration the victim’s input,  that will create a way forward for the youth and address issues resulting from the crime. Service providers are invited to join the process to share information with the family, but the family retains the primary responsibility for decision-making and planning. This work is funded through a contract with the Vermont Department of Children and Families.


Safe Driving Class

This is an educational program designed to teach about the consequences and effects of unsafe, impaired, and/or distracted driving. Participants learn about how unsafe driving effects them, their family and community members and hear from victims and survivors of distracted driving at the Victim Impact Panel in class two.

The two part Safe Driving Class is delivered 4 times a year by the BCJC and costs $50

upcoming classes

  • May 23rd and 30th, 2019 @ 4:30pm    

  • August 22nd and 29th, 2019 @ 4:30pm

  • November 7th and 14th, 2019 @ 4:30pm  

    Classes are held at 22 Keith Avenue, Barre VT in the Community Space.

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